A place to reduce, reuse & recraft

Come to buy or sell new and used art & craft supplies while connecting with the craft community. Learn how to pair the materials you want with creative projects and new uses!

What can I expect?

You will find the tools you need for your next craft project at a low discounted price with FREE shipping on every purchase! We believe that the tools and supplies that have fulfilled it’s initial purpose do not need to be forgotten and stored away or even worse be thrown into a landfill. Along with our sellers we have brought these items to the arts & crafts community to be reused and recrafted! So instead of heading down to your nearest mega store, browse our shop section and see if you can give a new home to our products. Whether you paint, knit or scrapbook you are sure to find what you need for your next project.

How much does it cost to list items?

All listings are free! Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but it is true. The buyer pays for shipping then KraftJoy simply deducts 3% of the sales proceeds. Don’t forget as a Paypal user you are subject to their fees as well, don’t worry it’s only 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

How does it work?

Once you list your product your listing will be activated within 24 hours and will be available to the public for 60 days. Once your item sells, use the USPS shipping tools to print a shipping label then place the label on your “well packed” box containing your item and stick it in the mail. That’s it!

How do I get paid?

Once your item has shipped KraftJoy will send all funds via PayPal directly to your Paypal account.

How do sellers schedule a pick up with USPS?

The United States Postal Service will schedule a free Package Pickup and get your shipment during regular postal delivery. Click Here to learn more!

What if the seller never ships the item?

All items valued at $50 or more will require a signature of acceptance by the buyer before the seller’s Pay Pal account will be credited, please send proof of acceptance by uploading proof to your product listing in the “proof of acceptance” field. For any purchase less than $50 that does not arrive to the buyer the seller will be responsible for crediting the buyer the amount paid. Seller will be given a warning on the first occurrence and then banned from KraftJoy on any subsequent occurrence.

What if the packaged item doesn’t arrive or arrives damaged?

If the seller does not purchase insurance through United States Parcel Service or an outside insurance company such as Shipshurance the seller will be responsible for negotiating with the buyer to remedy the situation.

How to get your listing noticed.

The fastest selling listings are the one with the best and most detailed description and the best images detailing the item. Use natural lighting when at all possible and try to avoid busy backgrounds. Check out a tutorial on Great Product Shots That Sell.

Items that can not be listed/shipped

Some items can not be shipped through the USPS therefore can not be sold through KraftJoy. Such as Pyrophoric, flammable, or combustible liquids with a closed cup flash point below 200°F and corrosives, liquid or solid. For more information please visit the USPS website.

Make sure you don't miss out on discounts or exclusive listing deals!